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Q: Why the app cannot connect to my camera?

Different cameras use different protocol to communicate. When adding new cameras, make sure the correct camera make/model is selected. Then, verify the IP address and port number are correct and try again.

Q: How do I use pan and tilt with Foscam cameras?

When viewing the camera, make sure pan and tilt is enabled — “PT On”. Swipe on the camera view to control the pan and tilt of the camera.

Q: After resetting my phone, or reinstall the app, advanced features that come with Pro edition upgrade are deactivated.

When reinstalling the app or installing the app on different phones, simply go through Pro Upgrade again, and the upgrade will appear as Free as long as the same Microsoft account is used.

Q: Why sometime the app cannot connect to Foscam cameras on cellular connection?

The app uses a low-level protocol to communicate with Foscam cameras which may be blocked by firewalls in cellular networks when running on port 80 (HTTP). Try changing the port used by the camera to a number between 5000 and 65535 to avoid being blocked by cellular network.

Q: Why sometime the app still shows the camera after the camera is removed?

Cameras that support auto-configuration will appear on the camera list automatically. When a camera is detected on the network, deleting the camera will clear the username and password. However, the camera will continue to show on the page. The deleted camera will not show when the camera is no longer detected on the network.